Are you feeling anxious, overwhelmed, or not good enough? 

As Moms, the struggles with feeling not good enough are extremely common.

You are not alone.

And I'm here to help.

I'm Hannah Castle, a Licensed Clinical Social Worker with 8 years of experience helping families build stronger relationships.  I help the everyday Mom like you, find healing in her past so she can become a kinder and stronger parent to her children.

As a Mom, you juggle so many tasks and schedules that you often neglect to take care of yourself.  Let me support you in becoming the Mom you want to be.  

My office is conveniently located at 4203 Montrose Blvd, suite 310 in the Montrose neighborhood.


More About Hannah Castle, LCSW

My passion in life is children.  I spent my professional career working in schools, outpatient facilities, and residential treatment facilities.  In these treatment centers, I worked with children facing anxiety, depression, bullying, abuse, relational problems, emotion regulation, low self-confidence, poor coping skills, and self-harm. 

Through the years of working with children, trauma, and behavioral difficulties, I found the greatest success through working with their parents.  Equipping parents with the tools to support their children helped build them confidence, and strengthen their bond.  This was ultimately the goal they came in with.  

After having my own daughters, my desire to help parents became increasingly evident.  I believe the realm of supporting Moms is lacking and I am here to fill the gap.  


Hannah Castle, LCSW

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